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Price List 2021


Decoration, whether it be natural wood or painted case, the style of stand, or even keyboard cover materials, etcetera, is varied and encouraged, yet still it is entirely the buyers choice. If a very plain instrument is required without decoration, then we may be willing to lower the list price. Every individual instrument is a work of art and made-to-order. 

Base prices below generally reflect what would be considered typical decoration for that type of instrument, however the final price may vary depending upon the specifics of an order.  Keyboards with extended range beyond that stated in the description, additional registers, and especially ornate case, lid, or stand decoration  will likely affect the final price.    


Lid Paintings on existing instruments: $4,000.

Soundboard Painting added to an existing instrument: $2,000.

Restringing: $500 per set of strings, includes materials and labor.  

Tuning, Maintenance & Repairs: $95 per hour. 

Travel fee: $1 per mile for our round trip. 



Clavichord Models:


After Henri Arnaut de Zwolle: ~ a tiny fretted Renaissance clavichord based on a de Zwolle treatise in 1440 when he was working in the court of Burgundy in Dijon. 37 notes F to b'' $3,200 


After Onesto Tosi di Genoa 1568 ~ an Early Italian Fretted Clavichord from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts collection. C/E to c''' short octave 45 note range. Case dimensions: 46'' in length, 16'' in width and 6'' deep. 



After an Anonymous German ~ a Double Strung, Fretted Clavichord from the second half of the 18th century. Copied from the original in the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. Range CC to f''' 54 notes. Case dimensions: 54'' in length by 15'' in width and 6'' deep.



After J. A. Hass, Hamburg 1761 ~ a Late German Double Strung, Unfretted Clavichord with a partial additional 4 foot in the bass.  FF to f''' 61 note range. Case dimensions: 70'' in length, 22'' in width and 7.5'' deep.



After Christian Gottlob Hubert 1784 Ansbach ~ a Late German Fretted, Double Strung Clavichord that is double fretted at the most.  CC to f''' 54 note range. Case dimensions: 51.5'' in length, 15'' in width and 5'' deep.



After Johann Christoph Schiedmayer, Neustadt an der Aisch 1796. ~ an Unfretted, Double Strung large German Clavichord from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston collection.  FF to f''' 63 note range. Case dimensions: 60.5'' in length by 19'' in width and 6'' deep.






After Hans Ruckers Antwerp 1581 ~ Octave spinet. A copy of the “child” from a double virginal. This virginal is the earliest known extant Ruckers instrument housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Its pitch sounds an octave higher than standard pitch. C/E to c''' 45 notes, short octave. Case dimensions: 34'' in length by 17'' in width and 5.5'' deep.



Anonymous  Italian Polygonal Octave Spinet ~ Range C/E -c''' short octave.  27" long by 16"  by 4" case height .



After Joannes de Perticis, Florence 1672 ~ Italian Pentagonal virginal strung in brass at standard pitch. Non-transposable but may be tuned to either “baroque” or “modern” pitch. As an option the instrument can be made with a rectangular false inner-outer case with a lid. This virginal is easily transported. Cypress inner case, poplar outer case, dimensions: 56'' in length, by 18'' in width by 7.5'' long. Range: C/E to c''' 45 notes short octave.



Early Flemish Style Rectangular Virginal ~ This instrument is the smallest we sell at 8 foot pitch.  Range: C/E to c''' 45 notes  with short octave.  Case dimensions, approximately 58" in length, 7.5" high, 19.5" wide.  Weighs approximately 60 pounds.  



Italian Virginal know as "Queen Elizabeths Virginals" ~ from the Victoria and Albert Museum London.  Keyboard span is from BB to c''' which can be tuned to a GG/BB to d''' short octave. Dimensions: 64''long  x 21''wide  x 8''case depth.



Italian hexagonal Spinet after Dominicus Pisaurensis 1540 ~ C/E short octave to c''' 45 notes.  Dimensions: 58" long, 20" wide and 8" deep.

$ 4,100


After Andreas Ruckers the elder Antwerp 1620 ~ Quint pitched virginal from the Smithsonian. Range: C/E to c''' 45 notes. 45'' in length, 18'' in width and 8'' in depth.



After Iohannes Couchet Antwerp 1680 ~ A full sized Muselar Virginal with an Arpichordum stop in the bass. Range C/E to c''' 45 notes short octave. Case dimensions: 68'' long by 19.5'' wide and 9'' deep.



Bentside Spinets:


After Thomas Hitchcock, London 1710 ~ An early spinet with a full range of GG to g''' 61 notes. Case dimensions: 25'' wide by 75'' in length and 7.5'' deep.



After Stephanus Keene and Carolus Brackley, London 1715 ~ range of GG to d''' (minus G#) 56 notes. Case dimensions: 25'' wide 70.5'' in length and 7.5'' deep.



After Baker Harris, London 1765 ~ full range of FF to f''' 61 notes. Case dimensions: 32'' wide by 75'' in length and 8.5'' in depth.






After an Anonymous Clavicytherium of Germanic origin circa 1480 from the Royal College of Music, London ~ The earliest known surviving plucked string keyboard instrument. A small upright harpsichord strung in natural gut or optionally in brass or iron strings. Keyboard range: 40 notes extending from E to g''.

$ 11,600


Italian Harpsichords:

Anonymous Italian harpsichord~ single strung (1x8')from the royal College of Music collection #175.  Keyboard range of C to d'''. Measurements: 73" long by 32" wide and 7" deep.



After Iohannes De Perticis Florence 1681 ~ Italian harpsichord disposed 2x8. Strung in brass Optional false -inner outer case construction, transposing keyboard, painted or with a variety of natural wood choices. 50 note range C/E short octave to f'''. Length 74'', width 31.5'' depth 7''



Attributed to Bartolomeo Cristofori Florence circa 1723 ~ a rather unique instrument disposed 2x8 with its nearly square tail and diagonally placed soundboard ribbing. C to d''' 51 notes transposing keyboard. Case dimensions 87'' in length, 33'' in width and 9'' in depth.



After Giacomo Ridolfi 1665 ~ Italian Harpsichord from the Smithsonian disposed 2x8' keyboard range CC to d''' chromatic 51 notes transposing. Cypress case dimensions: 79'' long, 32'' wide and 6'' deep.



After an Anonymous 1693 Italian Harpsichord (attributed to Giovanni Battista Guisti) from the Smithsonian Institution Washington, D.C. ~ case of cypress, reverse diagonal soundboard barring. Keyboard range: GG,AA to c''' 55 notes. Disposed 2x8' Dimensions: Length 86'' Width 33.5'' Depth 7''



Italian Harpsichord after Allessandro Transuntino 1531 ~ from the Royal College of Music London.  Range GG/BB -c''' short octave.  Measuring 88" in length,  31" wide and 8" deep.


After Roberto and Frederigo Cresci, Livorno 1778 from the Germanishes National Museum, Nurnburg~ Large Italian harpsichord over 8 feet in length. Dimensions: 100'' long by 41'' wide by 10'' deep. 61 notes FF to f''' transposing.



A Large Italian single manual harpsichord  ~ (possibly made by Guisti) dated 1693 in the Smithsonian collection. Disposed 2x8' with a keyboard range of GG to c''' that measures 92" in length, 34" wide and 9" deep.



A Large Italian Harpsichord after Carlo Grimaldi, Messina 1697 ~ disposed 2x8" with a keybaord range of GG to c''' and measures 94" total length by 34" wide and 8" deep. 



Anonymous Double Manual Italian Harpsichord ~ from the Germanishes National Museum, Nurnberg disposed 2x8' 1x4' that measures 80' long by 29" wide and depth of case equals 9". Compass:  C/E to c''' 45 notes.






Flemish Harpsichords:

After Andreas Ruckers Antwerp 1640 ~ Single manual harpsichord from the Yale University collection with 45 note short octave range C/E to c''' or expanded range of 51 notes CC to d''' chromatic. 1x8' 1x4' buff stop registration or 2x8' buff option. Length 72" Width 29" Depth 9.5"



After Hans Moermans  Antwerp 1584 ~ Single manual harpsichord disposed 2x8 buff, with a 55 note range of BB to f''' Dimensions: 34" wide, 10" depth of case, 84" long.  Transposing.  



After Iohannes Ruckers Antwerp 1638 ~ Double manual harpsichord with expanded range of AA to d''', Ebony naturals with bone topped sharps, shove coupler, transposing keyboard, wooden jacks, replicated original soundboard painting. Dimensions 89'' long by 31'' wide and 10.5'' deep.



After Iohannes Couchet (1680) François-Étienne Blanchet (1758) and Pascal Taskin (1781) ~ Franco/Flemish Double manual harpsichord with expanded range of FF to f''' transposing keyboard, shove coupler, wooden jacks, soundboard painting. Louis IVI stand. Copied from the instrument located in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Dimensions: 87'' in length, 37'' in width and 11'' depth. 2x8‘ 1x8‘ buff with hand-stop levers.


$19,100 (single manual version)


After Iohannes Daniel Dulcken Antwerp ~ an late undated single manual Flemish Harpsichord that can be made with with or without the inner bentside. From the collection of John Barnes, Edinburgh. 2x8' 1x4' buff. Range FF to f''' 61 notes. Dimensions: 94'' in length, 37'' in width and 11'' case depth.  Flemish ballaster stand included other options are avalaible - please inquire. Pearwood jacks, soundboard painting.



After Iohannes Daniel Dulcken Antwerp 1745 ~ Double manual harpsichord from the Smithsonian collection with optional inner bentside. Optioanl Dog-legged jacks or Shove coupler registration. Cut through lute stop (nasale) 2x8‘ 1x4‘ buff. FF to f''' 61 notes transposing. Wooden Jacks, Soundboard painting. Optional decoration. 103'' in length, 39'' in width and 10.5'' deep.



After Joannes Petrus Bull Antwerp 1778 ~ very large late Flemish Double manual harpsichord. 106'' in length, 39.5'' in width and 11.5'' in depth. FF to f''' 61 note range. Disposed 2x8‘ 1x4‘ nasale, buff stop. Wooden Jacks, Soundboard painting. Please inquire for other options.







French Harpsichords:


After Claude Jaquet (1592) ~ a rare 17th century French double manual harpsichord model based on a plan drawn by John Shortridge of the instrument in the John and Mabel Ringling collection, Sarasota Florida. Range BB to d''' 52 notes, length 86", width 30" width, depth 10" ~ transposing, with ebony naturals and bone topped sharps, wooden jacks, made of walnut, soundboard painting and optional lid case and stand decoration to suit your taste.



After an anonymous 17th century (circa 1680) French Double manual Harpsichord ~ 53 Notes AA to d''' transposing. Disposition 2x8‘ 1x4‘ shove coupler, wooden jacks, soundboard painting, period style stand, etc. Dimensions 99'' in length, 34'' in width 9'' in depth.



After Henri Hemsch Paris 1756 from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts  ~ Double manual harpsichord with a range of FF to f''' 61 notes transposing. 2x8‘ 1x4‘ buff shove coupler, pearwood jacks, soundboard painting as in the original. Dimensions 95'' in length, 36'' in width and 12'' case depth. Basic Louis XIV stand included, other stand styles and decoration options available, please inquire.



After Benoist Stehlin Paris 1760 ~ Double manual harpsichord from the Smithsonian collection disposed 2x8‘ 1x4‘ buff, range FF to f''' 61 notes transposing, Pearwood Jacks, Soundboard painting. Louis XVI stand and many options for lid or case decoration.



After J.M. de De Ban 1770 from the Smithsonian Concoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. ~ Double manual harpsichord with a range of FF to f''' 61 notes transposing. 2x8‘ 1x4‘ buff shove coupler, pearwood jacks, soundboard painting. Case dimensions: 94'' in length, 37'' in width and 10'' in depth.







German Harpsichords: 

Anonymous German Clavicytherium in the Germanishes National Museum Nurnberg  built as a non-clavicytherium  ~ I offer this model as a more typical horizontal harpsichord with a 2x8' disposition minus the cut through lute stop.  Range: BB to d'''  Measurements: 69" by 34" by 10"


After Christian Vater Hannover 1738 ~ Single manual harpsichord with a Double Bentside disposed 2x8‘ buff. Range BB to e''' transposing. Length: 77'' Width: 33'' Depth of case: 9.5'' Ebony naturals with Bone topped sharps. Sounboard painting included.  Please enquire about other options.

$19,800 (single manual version 2x8')

$25,400 (double manual version 2x8' 1x4')