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I'm enjoying playing your Franco-Flemish Double at Oklahoma Baptist University!
Abigail Mace - 15 Nov 2021
I was quite surprised by your price list. I expected the instruments to be lot more expensive. They all make me wish I could play. The first harpsichord I heard was Wanda Landowska's Pleyel monstrosity, on which she played Bach's Italian Concerto, Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue BWV903 and Partita No. 1 BWV825. I'm surprised I didn't land up hating both Bach and the harpsichord. These works were definitely not good for a beginner listener. I never did buy any more Landowska. I've heard her Pleyel described as ugly-sounding and even cacophonous and I have to agree.
Laraine - 4 Aug 2021
When I graduate with my masters in social work in 2021, I want to purchase a virginal - the smallest one you have as I live in a smaller cabin in the woods in Wisconsin, and do not have enough room for harpsichord. I am dreaming about it now. Any info you can email about small virginals will be appreciated for future consideration. My mailing address: 323 S Lower Gardens Road Fontana, WI 53125
Marlene Diane Vail - 24 Mar 2020
He and his wife are an amazing team! I created his first harpsichord website while I was studying harpsichord with Elizabeth Wright at Bloomington. I am truly in awe and amazed at his professionalism and growth since then as a builder and artist. Take it from me...the tone of his instruments and the beauty of his artwork both are exceptional!!!
Paul Martin - 23 Oct 2017
Sir I dream of one Day winning enough money to be able to buy one of your Harpsichords for My Niece, who while here in the North East requested we take her to Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Her purpose to see the Harpsichord on display there, and telling me that was what she dreamed of owning at some time in her life.
David Dean - 4 Oct 2016
Grandiose and impressive works, thank you very much Mr. Robertson for bringing to this world such spectacular creations! I hope that one day in the future I can buy one of your harpsichords.
Javier - 27 Dec 2015
I've known Ted for years - what a high quality craftsman and person.
Julia Sutherland - 22 Dec 2012
Bravo - Complimenti!!
Marc Bellassai - 7 Nov 2012
Beautiful baby!
Jan Frields - 26 Aug 2012
Absolutely beautiful works of art, from the paintings, to the structure, to the sound. Ted is a wonderful artist and musician. I love watching him work and helping him from time to time.
Chrissy Richards - 26 Aug 2012
MIA MELTON - 25 Aug 2012
Dennis Rhoades - 17 Aug 2012
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